André 3000 Reportedly Sitting On Album’s Worth Of Music

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Please let this be true.

A solo André 3000 album has become as mystical as the Lochness Monster, as fabled as BigFoot. Someone who’s gone on record saying that he doesn’t foresee putting out an individual LP, we’ve become almost conditioned to never expect one out of self-protection. However, it looks like we might be able to lower the guard, as news of Three Stacks releasing that mythical project have begun circulating. 

During an interview with L.A.-based Real 92.3’s Home Grown Radio, rapper Thurz was discussing working on music with Dr. Dre, and André’s name came up when talking about being star-struck in the studio.

“He’s got an album,” Thurz remarked.

Doubling-back on his comment, for fear of “spilling the beans,” Thurz qualified his comment by saying, “He played a lot of cool ideas…yeah, he’s making music. He’s like one of my favorite rappers.”

Whether or not a new André 3000 album exists, news that he has enough music for a full body of work is enough fuel to keep the hope alive.

Watch Thurz’s Home Grown Radio interview below: