Album Review: Skyzoo- The Salvation

 |  September 30, 2009

As Hip-Hop continues to go through its transitional period, it’s the new generation’s job to keep things on the up-and-up.

One MC who plans on doing this is Brooklyn lyricist Skyzoo [Click for interview], as he throws his hat into the ring with his debut album, The Salvation.

Featuring production from the likes of beatsmiths such as Nottz, Black Milk, Just Blaze, and 9th Wonder; the newcomer does the smart thing and adds no features, so the listeners will have no problem concentrating on him, and him only.

Skyzoo wastes no time, and gets down to business with well-constructed songs like, ‘The Opener,’ ‘Return Of The Real,’ (prod. by Just Blaze) and the soulfulness of ‘My Interpretation,’ and ‘Dear Whoever.’

One of the strongest songs comes on ‘Shooter’s Soundtrack,’ where beat meets lyrics, and it ends up being a match made in heaven. Skyzoo keeps the momentum going with other strong contributions like ‘For What It’s Worth,’ Metal Hearts,’ and ‘Maintain.’

Displaying the poise of a veteran rather than a rookie, Skyzoo easily separates himself from his peers who’s first albums are more shakier than the last president’s tenure in office.

He may not get the attention like some of the other MC’s in his circle, but his talent as a pure lyricist should help to bring a lot more attention to his movement, and it’s a movement that’s headed into the right direction. Yes, Brooklyn, [you] did it again…

Rating: 4.0