Rapsody Taps Buddy For “Phylicia”

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Produced by 9th Wonder.

North Carolina’s Rapsody has built an impressive career off the strength of her coalesced contemplative rhymes and rhythmic flow. Displaying a rare union of talent and artistic integrity, Rapsody consistently leverages these strengths to attract the industry’s preeminent talent. From J. Cole to Anderson .Paak, Rapsody has collaborated with an eclectic range of distinguished artists — as always, game recognizes game.

Continuing these motifs of producing entrancing music and working with some of the best and brightest, the 36-year-old artist recently linked with one of California’s more exciting burgeoning talents, Buddy, on “Phylicia.” Oh yeah, it’s also produced by 9th Wonder.

Released yesterday (Sunday, May 12th) on Mother’s Day, “Phylicia” is a metaphor that uses actress Phylicia Rashad’s Clair Huxtable character to celebrate the strength of the powerful women who’ve shaped and impacted us. Not allowing the atrocious realities of Bill Cosby’s actions muddy Rashad’s wholesome “Clair Huxtable” image, “Phylicia” serves as a reminder to appreciate all of the strong women out there.

On a broader level, “Phylicia” is an ode to all of the great mothers out there who’ve sacrificed everything to ensure their children’s betterment; to those who’ve provided that motherly love.

Listen to the new Rapsody x Buddy x 9th Wonder collab below: