Album Sales 3/17/09

 |  March 25, 2009


Whattup peoples? Welcome to another weekly installment of industry news, albums sales & more

Let’s take a quick look at where a couple of albums debuted this week:

Album Sales, March 17th, 2009:
Gorilla Zoe – Don’t Feed The Animals – 31,325
CNN – Channel 10 – 4,085

Let’s take a look at where some of the releases that we’ve been tracking are…

Grand Totals to date:
K’Naan – 28,356
B-Real – 8,814
Joe Budden – 20,683

Also, in unrelated industry news (what’s more “industry” than the industry of people talking about the industry), there are rumors of a shaky future over at  With CEO Navarro Wright stepping out of the way of editor-in-chief Russell Simmons, the $4.5 million in venture capital that they received is now resting solely on the hip-hop mogul…  Will the website go the way of (Simmons’ previous hip-hop dot-com which was funded to the tune of multiple $10’s of millions, acquired by BET and is now nowhere to be found)?  If so, that would probably be a good outcome at this point.  GlobalGrind seems to be struggling, and with no liquidity event in sight, it looks like GG may go the way of (Damon Dash’s failed attempt at hip-hop blogging/social networking).  The web is really like the wild-west right now…  there’s real estate for the taking, if your guns are big enough.  Seems like YN (Rap Radar) and Russel Simmons have big guns (lots of celebrity access, $, celebrity guest bloggers etc.), but the real question in the coming months/years, is: can they establish a safe and attractive “town” that people will actually want to frequent.

And beyond the establishment of a brand, which signals some sort of lasting power, is there a succesful monetization model in place?  This is the question for Twitter right now, which, on the “wild-west” scheme of the web, is damn-near Billy The Kid.  With $55 million in venture capital, they’ve taken over the web-game.  There’s more buzz about Twitter than anything since Facebook popped (and now, Facebook’s new theme is a straight swagger-jacking of Twitter’s “status feed”).  Everyone and their mother is telling the world about their lunch, or communicating with their fans, or just “tweeting” @ each other.  But will they be profitable?  They don’t even know. This kind of crapshoot is kind of like… projecting album sales in a climate where retail stores are closing…

Stay tuned for next week’s installment, which will feature what I’m calling the 2nd official release date in hip-hop ’09:

Jim Jones – Pray IV Reign
MF Doom – Born Like This
Slim Thug – Boss of All bosses
Hell Rell – Get in Line or Get Lined Up
Camp Lo – Stone & Rob Caught on Tape

As usual, let me know if you have any questions, and if anyone wants to predict what Jim Jones sells next week, leave a comment and let me know what you think.


  • R.E.D. Inc.

    Jim Jones looking at 90-100K

  • richkids08

    Update Curren$y album dropping on March 31.

  • V-Dub

    Slim thug album is the shit and the sleeper this spring, he will out sell em all, Im in the south and he done sold out everywhere, i bet 300K first week sales