Asher Roth?

 |  April 4, 2011

What are people’s feeling on Asher at this point?  I kind of thought he one and doned himself with that “I Love College” single.  Because to a lot of people that’s who he is.
However, I’m starting to realize that hip-hop has gone completley pop.  There is almost two worlds of music right now, and as of right now the internet nerd contingent isn’t exactly in the money.  To be honest I feel like Asher’s rapping has gone down the tubes.  When he first dropped that first mixtape he had some spit.  But now he seems a little comfortable and lazy with his flow.
Ironically I actually like this particular joint he did with D.A. from Chester French (who is the man).  The video is actually well done, and is inspired by The Big Lebowski.  Directed by Scooter Braun who is Justin Beiber’s manager.  Which brings me to my final point.  To be honest the music business consists of a few people who monopolize a lot of the influence.  So is Asher Roth famous because he is good?  Or because the right people are making money off him?  I don’t know the answer.  Another question is if Mac Miller just came in and completley stole his lane.  Because I get the distinct vibe people are f*cking with Mac Miller in real life way more than they are with Asher.

This is off his Rawth EP.



  • Craz

    asher has some sick rhymes, ive always liked him

  • Daveyjoness

    Kids these days by asher roth, shits all over mac miller