Asher Rother Comes Through With New Album, ‘Flowers For The Weekend’

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His first LP in six-years.

Asher Roth is a name we haven’t heard in a while. After toppling pop-culture in the late aughts and putting out a string of strong releases in the 2010s, Roth took a musical sabbatical; his last studio album, Retrohash, arrived in 2014. Six-years after its release, and Asher Rother has returned with his new LP, Flowers On The Weekend.   

Playing with a medley of vibes — from boom-bap to experimental production — Roth proves that not only does he still have it, but he’s also demonstrated an ability to fit into the modern soundscape without sacrificing his integrity. 

Flowers On The Weekend comes in at 12-tracks, 34-minutes, and features Lil Yachty, Buddy, among others.

Listen to the new Asher Roth project below: