Snoop and Cube

Bishop Lamont may have opened himself a huge can of worms by going after Snoop and Ice Cube as he embarks on a new West Coast super-group (hmm ok) with Crooked I and Glasses Malone. The debut album is titled No Country for Old Men and this has been encouraged by what Bishop says is a lack of interest shown by Cube and Snoop to the younger generation of rappers, the ones who made these artists go platinum by buying their albums. Personally it sounds like someone is a lil mad and just lashing out as he goes on to say that it isn’t an old and young thing, even though the title of the album does give you that impression.
Maybe Bishop is just upset that he is still waiting to be released on Aftermath and Snoop has taken Damani and Bad Lucc under his wing and not him and those guys don’t seem to be complaining about Snoop not helping out the new generation of rappers. Some folks will say and do anything for attention. However I will be very surprised if the two men in question that according to Bishop are ‘supposed to be legends’ will feel the need to respond to this.

  • nickie295

    sourgraping eh?