This is the perfect example of a retarded hip-hop perspective.  I f*ck with Cassidy’s music and what not, but for him to say stuff like this is crazy talk.  First off you are an idiot if you think being “street” actually matters in the grand scheme of things.  Secondly the artist who are successful have their business right.  It’s not because they are homosexual devil worshipers.  Sometimes you gotta make scarifies and get pimped a little bit to fully exploit an oppertunity.  The music biz is just that, a business.  It takes time and hard work to navigate the bureaucracy.  I’m sure Cassidy thinks this perspective makes him “real”, but the average 16 year old kid that watches this clip is probably just going to think he is a cornball.



  • fuku

    hes talkn bout illuminati….they have so many puppets to entertain yal dumb fuks…cassidy speaks the truth…im dowwn wit that shit….y u think they push for gays rights..fukin goverments a bunch of homos…open yalls fukn eyes people….

  • Cgib85

    styles p said it best on “Dessert 4 Thought” “illuminati and masons what are we face, see yall at the crossroads thats vacation”