Cassidy, Trey Songz Respond to Nicki Minaj

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We reported over the weekend about the backlash Nicki Minaj incurred because of her choice of cover art for the song “Lookin A*s N*ggas” from her forthcoming album The Pink Print. After removing the cover art and offering an apology to the offended parties you would think Nicki was in the clear and the discussion would turn to whether her song was actually good or not. However, it appears that Young Money’s First Lady will have no such luck.



Hip-Hop veteran Cassidy recently released his take on the song called “Lookin A*s B*tches”. While the Philadelphia native admittedly agrees with Nicki Minaj’s observations on the original song, he takes reservation with her excluding the shortcomings of their female counterparts. Cassidy has a field day as he runs off an endless list of the not so commendable things some women do: twerking on Instagram, stealing designer clothes from department stores, having dozens of kids to collect child support, etc.


Cassidy was not the only male artist enticed to respond to Nicki’s verbal jabs. R&B singer Trey Songz also gave his two cents or rather his three minutes and fourteen seconds. The Virginia native focuses his jabs on promiscuous, money hungry women who will do anything for designer shoes. Trey Songz make sure to place a disclaimer at the end of his song saying, “If you a good girl/ Don’t be tripping/ I’m not talking about you/ I’m talking bout these b*tches/”. He is ever so careful to make sure he distinguishes between the females he talks about in the songs and the females who work, take care of their families and carry themselves with dignity.


Are these two songs just the tip of the iceberg? Shall we hear more male artists responding to “Looking A*s N*ggas” in the forthcoming days? Will Nicki issue a rebuttal of her own defending the statements in her original song? While a lot is uncertain one thing is clear, Nicki Minaj is as much a lightning rod of controversy as ever. You can watch the video that started it all below.