Breezy caught up with 107.9 in Atlanta about his homo-erotic dew.  No one made fun of Breezy for jacking Wesley Snipes swag in Demolition Man?  Well you already know I had to bring an end to that.  Like I said before, #StopIt5.  Spotted at NB:

  • On Jokes About His Blond Hair
    “I was even laughing at some of the jokes on Twitter. I got ‘gold dust,’ ‘Amber Rose,’ ‘Sisqo.’ But I just laugh at them. I don’t care about people’s opinions as much anymore.”

    On His Blond Hair Being Inspired By F.A.M.E.
    “It’s just something I needed to change. I think artistically, where I’m at creatively, mentally with my project, with my art, me painting, and just becoming a man and just finding myself, I’m really just doing me. I’m being a rock star. If I wanna dye my hair purple tomorrow, I might just change it up. It’s all about how I’m just living life and having fun.”

    On Rumors About His Sexuality Because of His New Style
    “I’m still strictly with the ladies!”