chris-johnsonChris Johnson of the Tennessee Titans has been named the NFL‘s 2009-2010 Offensive Player of the Year by the Associated PressJohnson had an absurd year, setting a record with 2,509 total yards from scrimmage.  He became only the sixth person to rush for over 2,000 yards, and he finished second in the league with 16 touchdowns.  He also set a record by rushing for over 125 yards in 6 consecutive games.  Basically, this guy was a beast all year, and if you turned on SportsCenter on Monday morning you were likely to see a crazy Johnson replay.  No one else in the NFL is as individually dangerous as Johnson, whose big-play ability is insane–this year he became the first player to rush for three touchdowns for 85 yards or more in one season–and his consistency is beyond dangerous, as he will begin next season with an 11-game streak of rushing for more than 100 yards.  Most of us have never seen an NFL talent like Chris Johnson, and hopefully he can keep it up and continue his career as the most explosive player in the NFL for years to come.

Below are some highlight clips of Chris Johnson from this season: