Snoop Dogg Goes In On the Cowboys, Raiders, & Steelers

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It’s hard out here for a Cowboys, Raiders, and Steelers fan. “I’ma finna start watching soccer and tennis, fu*k this sh*t,” says a disgruntled Snoop Dogg.

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Snoop Dogg doesn’t come across as an overly aggressive individual, after all he runs a YouTube show where he discusses all things cannabis and pop culture, and… well… smokes copious amounts of said cannabis. Pretty chill dude, in our opinion. However, if there’s one thing that grinds Snoop’s gears it’s his beloved football franchises not doing their job in securing wins. And that’s precisely the case today as all three of Snoop Dogg’s favorite NFL football teams are getting under his skin.

His Oakland Raiders are currently sitting at 0-4, his Pittsburgh Steelers tacked on an embarrassing loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (yes, the same Buccaneers who got smacked up by the Atlanta Falcons 14-56), and his Dallas Cowboys, while not having played yet, aren’t exactly having a thrilling year either.

After posting a rant on his Instagram page questioning all three franchises, he then followed that up by flushing the toilet and proclaim that the Steelers had flushed their season away. Ouch! Snoop got jokes.

Source: SB Nation