Recently there has been a trend of celebs sharing pics of them breast feeding, none were too notable. Coco, Ice T`s wifey decided to share her own on twitter. Except she cant breastfeed because that’s not her kid( its her niece ) and I doubt anything edible can be secreted from those mammary glands besides a gross silicone/saline mixture. The caption for the pic is  pretty epic “Hangin w my twin nieces.Daisy just loves my boobs.She likes putting her head in between them”.-No comment but I also included some other random pics she decided to share with the world on her twitter:


  • Lolers

    that chick is ugly as f**k

  • SunnyG

    that baby will grow to be a lesbian

  • lord_devious

    She's too old to be this slutty still…but that body does look amazing

  • Eric Schiffer Fan

    I don't think it's the baby she's trying to show off. LOL!