Maybe it is the popularity of rappers as entertainers within the mainstream culture itself. It certainly isn’t rappers alone who behave poorly when in public, but it is a large percentage of them. I just feel like over the last decade I have heard less music and had to witness more incidents that profile the ignorance of my favorite rappers.

YouTube and the internets in general has certainly played a part in this occurrence by bringing rappers and their lifestyles front and center to my eyesight, and there is certainly a large percentage of rap fans who love the nignorance in lyrics and lifestyle because that reinforces some other perceptions they hold about these artists.

For me, I could do without the press conference to announce that a mixtape is being released. The old model of passing along information is dead. The weblogs rule the info cycle now, but they don’t simply need content. They require GOOD content. Otherwise you aren’t making music after all, you are simply making noise. What may be the best album of 2010 was released with little to no fanfare. The album is already considered an underground classic.

I’m speaking on Roc Marciano’s ‘Marcberg’ CD. The album is filled with hardbody rap and will delight anyone who doesn’t wear pants lower than their underwear. Roc Marciano didn’t do any of the old model prerequisites to put out the word on his album. No high profile arrests, no domestic flareups or even a DUI. He held an instore session and now he’s getting ready to go out on tour. It’s that good because it’s that easy. When you make good Hip-Hop you don’t need any extra bullshit to come before your music.

Roc Marciano: Marcberg In-store from dallas penn on Vimeo.

  • ihiphopsam

    valid points about rap vs hip-hop. .

  • conflicted21

    Roc Marciano is not dope though…!!!

  • fosterakahunter

    Dallas, props to you for championing this man's work. Contrary to what a conflicted individual may say, this album is the front runner for hip-hop record of the year, and that's refreshing in these times of the non-lyric spitting “rappers”.