Danger calls into IPower in Richmond and takes back everything she said about Ray J. For the record, Ray J is not gay and Danger is still sorta delusional.

No, it’s not true. I got mad and I over-reacted. I can’t get mad over little things anymore… I need to stop f*cking up. I’ll be the first to say that I am wrong and I was wrong. Ray J put me on and I will always respect him and love him for that. No matter who I’m dating. I’m sorry Ray, I love you. Do you forgive me”

you can listen to the rest of her ranting here

Ray J called into IPower in Richmond with TT Torres the day before and responded to Danger’s claims that he is sleeping with “Young Buck”.

“I still got love for Danger and that’s my peoples, but i haven’t returned none of her calls in the past three weeks so she threatened to say “I’m going to tell people you are gay!!”. She went along with it and actually did it. I just wanted to air it out that I am not gay but at the same time I have love for gay people because I work with gay people and I have a couple of friends that are gay; girls and dudes. I’m comfortable with my sexuality so I ain’t tripping but I didn’t want people to think that I like men because I don’t. At the same time I work in Hollywood and the gay community is really big out here so I’m not about to bash the gay community because they are cool people”

Buck responds:


so I guess this is the Buck she was talking about: