Video: VH1’s “The Gossip Game” (Trailer)

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Just when you thought VH1 had maxed out their Hip-Hop reality show card, they come back with another one. 

This time, the show, which is  called The Gossip Game focuses on the media side of Hip-Hop with radio personalities, bloggers, and journalists all taking part. From a female perspective of course.

The show stars Sharon from GlobalGrind, K. Fox from Hot 97, Kim Osorio from The Source, Angela Yee from Power 105; along with JasFly, Ms. Drama, and Viv all from the blog world. It starts on April 1st. Get your DVR’s ready.


  1. This just goes to show you that almost anything can be a realty show. Does anyone even care about these people? It’s like they are trying to make a show about air. Calm down, you call yourself a journalist and you’re on a show about HipHop gossip?

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