Details Emerge In M-Bone Murder

 |  May 17, 2011

M-Bone’s girlfriend has come forward to name a man who she suspects may have murdered the Cali Swag rapper, although she does not wish to be named. She points the finger at a suspicious neighbor who grew obsessed with Cali Swag District and M-Bone’s success. The jealous neighbor lived in the same apartment as the couple, and even threatened M-Bone via Twitter.

The girlfriend of M-Bone, a.k.a Montae Talbert, states that she picked him up from the airport at 12.15pm. After remaining in the apartment for the day, he borrowed her car at 10pm in order to go to the studio. He was found near his girlfriend’s car outside of a liquor store in Inglewood.

Cali Swag front man Jay Are has also come forward to comment on the shooting and assure the public that it was not a gang related murder:

It was just so random, [M-Bone] just went to the store to get something to drink and just randomly somebody pull up. Don’t say no words. Don’t shoot a lot of shots. Just do what they had to do and got on. It had to be something but we really can’t tell exactly what it was.”

It don’t got nothing to do with gang violence. We really don’t know who was responsible for it or whatever the case may be. It’s just bad. We gone just leave it up to the law right now because it’s really nothing we can do. We just gotta stay strong, keep our music going.

Cali Swag protegee ‘Bubba’ who appeared in their hit video “Teach Me How To Dougie” was in the car at the time of the shooting. He was hospitalised because of injuries caused by shards of glass striking him in the face. Spotted at BET.