What is it about Erykah Badu that gets dudes so open?  Chick has your boy D.O.C. super gassed up.  I can’t even blame him.  I bet the week before he gave this quotable to The Dallas Observer Erykah made some off hand remark about their spirits coming together or some sh*t.  D.O.C. was quoted as saying:

Badu’s Dallas home is a “beautiful house right off of a really nice body of water,” D.O.C. says of the singer’s home overlooking White Rock Lake, while adding that he remains very much enchanted with her. In fact, he hopes to film a reality show before long about the goings-on in her house, ending with a wedding between him and Badu.

This of course evoked a weirdo reaction from Erykah Badu who would more than likeley not be caught dead doing a reality TV show.  She released the following statement via one of her representatives:

Erykah Badu and The D.O.C. share parental responsibilities for their daughter and their relationship as it regards that aim is very good. However, that is the full extent of their personal involvement and no romantic dynamic exists between the two. Moreover, Erykah has no plans to marry or have any sort of courtship with the D.O.C. Ms. Badu has no plans to allow a reality show to be filmed in her private Dallas residence or to include any of her children in the filming. Ms. Badu has no concrete plans further than a guest appearance in his reality show. The D.O.C.’s comments were either taken out of context, improperly interpreted, or reflective of his now, not-so-secret desires. Whatever the case, Erykah wishes D.O.C. well both spiritually and professionally.

Via The Dallas Observer