Other Projects Jay Elec Works On While Completing His Album

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in honor of just blaze promising that jay electronica’s long-mythical album is “almost done” we compiled a list of the things keeping him busy until that nevruary release date. after the jump.



  • applying for illuminati membership.
    the uk tabloids are having a twee good time describing the relationship between the Rarest Rapper and their darling socialite heiress kate rothschild. count the number of times they use colorful phrases for him like: “dope-smoking rapper,” “self-proclaimed rap poet” and (my favorite) “high society’s rapper of choice”. from the daily mail:

    Only last month, he was sipping champagne at a barn dance on a Guinness family estate in Wiltshire, rubbing shoulders (in his Nike jumper and T-shirt) with the likes of Eliza Cummings, the model girlfriend of financier Nat Rothschild, and dozens more aristocratic socialites.

    high society indeed. wtf is a BARN DANCE? anyone?


  • finding new daddies for erykah.
    as, lil wayne once said ‘where is erykah badu at?’ good question, dwayne.
    my guess: somewhere baby-sittin’.
    the homey ron mexico, blogger extraordinaire, noted that erykah completed the rare Headwrap Trifecta of andre 3000, common and now jay electramadaan, muhammad a’salaamaleikum.
    but once those infants dropped, and the God-body knowledge cipher divine was complete, every last homey went looking for a Window Seat.
    luckily, ms. badu always packs light. but, word is, magnolia slim does need someone to watch their Martian Munchkin while he wires child support payments from kate’s allowance money.

  • hot-boxing with god.
    or strangers. whatever suits his fancy, one thing’s clear, when jay electronica has any free time — when he’s not mixing and mastering tracks or writing crazy-stupid-dope rhymes about geo-political turmoil and planets — he’s smoking the finest. y’all can go’on head and smoke that Reggie. jay’s working on a bowl-full of that buckingham palace and the right size chalice. because he never can predict when inspiration may hit.

  • scorching forgettable feature spots.
    “it’s called suplexes inside complexes and duplexes. you never heard it bro?”
    “on mac miller’s album dude, c’mon. he dropped that flaaaaaame.”
    “you can’t front like you didn’t hear the joint he did on big sean’s album…the one with kendrick…”
    “whatdoyoumean BIG SEAN WHO??? come on bro. honestly.”
    [longer pause]