|  January 7, 2009


The Doctor who performed life-threatening surgery on Dr. Donda West, the late mother of Kanye West, was sentenced to a year in the slammer on Monday. However the reason was nothing directly connected with the sudden death of the rappers Mom in 2007, Dr. Jan Adams was done for DUI, his third DUI offense since 2003. Since the highly public demise of Dr. West, things have literally spiraled out of control for the Doc who lost his license to practice in California due to failure to pay his child support payments.
He is expected to turn himself in on February 6th to start his sentence.

  • uncanny133

    guess motherfucker had to pay up for his camera, damn he jus lie any other niga tho baby mama wanting child support popo fucking hounding you this ain’t national news shit

  • nickie295

    i think he deserves it if he’s unable to pay for child support. that’d teach him a lesson..i hope.