The Eastside Crackhead is a underground rapper to the 50th power and Rides that 5. I found dude on the net and just had to share this with the world. Dudes like the Eastside Crackhead live in every ghetto in America. 

In the third video Eastside Crackhead talks working with official Blood dudes like Juelz Santana and leaks his next single.


    LOL Black Boston Baked Beans. Don't be surprised if an album/song comes out with that title.

  • mike

    yeah, he's a crackhead, but he just raps like every other acapella rapper in history. same exact dumb acapella rap style. tired. but yeah, he is a crack head.

  • Porter

    How u hating on a crack head. Fuckouttahere…. Go batlle him thats on just off the Bruckner