Wiz Drops Off Two More Freestyles: “Tequila In The AM” & “Just Wanna Be Famous”

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Wiz is on a roll…

At this point, what’s a day without Wiz Khalifa dropping some fresh heat? Today, he’s come through with another two freestyles, “Tequila Shots In The AM” and “Just Wanna Be Famous.”

On today’s first freestyle, “Tequila Shots In The AM,” Wiz gets a helping-hand from the legendary Alchemist, who mints Wiz a dynamic, string-accented, slow-tempo instrumental. Wiz does more than hold his weight, as he lends a pensive pen to the Alchemist production.

Next up, is “Just Wanna Be Famous.” Continuing the chilled vibe explored on the first one, the second Wiz freestyle is yet another track tailor-made for a smoke sesh. Although it has a laid back feel like “Tequila Shots In The AM,” “Just Wanna Be Famous” boasts more of a drum-ladened production, encouraging Wiz to lace it with a more impassioned flow.

It’s interesting: with these steady flow of freestyles, the Pittsburgh rapper seems… free. He’s rapping at a heightened level while delivering some of his most sonically-pleasing songs in recent memory. Perhaps reverting to a more humble strategy has incentivized him to stray closer to his artistic center. Through this release barrage, his integrity has consistently been upheld, his product has consistently been engaging.

In the famous words of Diddy, “What’s next?!”

Listen to both of the new Wiz Khalifa freestyles below: