|  November 19, 2008

jigga what












Looks like Jay Z has infiltrated the lecture rooms at North Carolina’s AT&T University. The super mogul is the focus this week of a course being taught by Dr. Brian Sims, Psychological Perspectives in Hip-Hop, an undergraduate course available at the prestigious college which is the number one producer of African-American undergraduate degrees in psychology.
The primary focus of the course according to Dr Sims is “examine different psychological concepts and identify the psychological underpinnings of hip hop from 1979 until the present actually attempting to view the study of mental processes and behavior through a Hip-Hop lens.”
The course which is the only psychology Hip-Hop course offered in the world was developed and is taught by Dr Sims who is also the Director of the Hip-Hop Journalism Association. On using Jay Z as a focal point for this weeks lectures, Dr. Sims had this to say “Mr. Carter provides an interesting frame of reference to discuss several psychological concepts, and as a fan I’m looking really looking forward to this week’s class.” Nice to see Hip-Hop present in the lecture rooms as well as the dorms of our schools and colleges.