As we previously reported, Anthony Gonzalez, former manager to the Clipse had plead guilty to drug conspiracy charges. Gonzalez aka Geezy had admitted to distributing more than 1,100 pounds of cocaine, 1,800 pounds of marijuana and several pounds of heroin for over five years.

Clipse deny any involvement in the drug conspiracy and were not charged with any involvement in the case. Malice recently spoke on their former manager’s legal woes saying:

“The show don’t stop, we know what we gotta do. So we’re out here doing it. The situation has been hard as well as heartbreaking. But I got the faith everything is gonna work out for the best. I believe everything happens for a reason. We still take care of our fam. We never leave our fam behind.”

Gonzalez was sentenced this monday, January 11th, and received 32 years behind bars. He received a light sentence due to his light criminal record and for cooperating with the feds. During his sentencing he gave a brief statement saying:

“I just want to say that I’m sorry to my family and I’m sorry to the community.”