I’m just dumbfounded by the whole grenadine in the Corona move.  Is that because Game drinks Coronas with grenadine?  Is it because he is a fake blood and wants his Corona to be red?  Is it supposed to symbolize syrup since doing drugs is cool now?  Really don’t care about the mixtape.  Do care about why Game puts grenadine in his Corona.  Can anyone fill me in here?




  • Infamous15214

    another hateful Game post yet again, smdh…really dnt care if he blood or not but Big Fase/Face said what it was and then soon as they beef, he a fake blood??? they cool now and i havent heard no one said he fake, maybe he's affliated soo much that he got love for Bloods…who cares?! and he is trynna be creative, yet he may have some deal with Corona…sheesh

  • Rozay15

    SMH…….Sam = Hater lmfao