Lil Dicky and Brain Release EP, ‘I’m Brain’

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Please don’t neglect the brain.

Lil Dicky is one of Hip Hop’s more interesting figures. Superficially, he has no place in the game—he’s a white Jewish kid from an upper-middle class Pennsylvania family. However, that never deterred him from entering this arena, and in fact bolstered his rise; he clung to his differences to make him stand out. We witnessed his sharp wit and intellect on his debut album, Professional Rapper, but he went musically silent for a little while. Now, he’s back—with a little help.

In April, LD released the hilarious, crazy, extremely high-budgeted music video for the Professional Rapper track, “Pillow Talking”. What starts as an awkward post-coitus conversation turns into the introduction of one of LD’s alter ego: brain. A manifestation of Dicky’s unfiltered thoughts, brain is a humorous, coy character who supplements LD’s musical aesthetic. It was only a matter of time before brain went from sidekick to protagonist.

Yesterday, Lil Dicky—excuse me, brain—released a seven-track EP, I’m Brain, featuring Lil Dicky. It’s everything the two set out for: technically sound (brain uses auto-tune that fits the current landscape well), hilarious, and lyrically ahead of his peers. Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the project is the featured verse on the last track, courtesy of none other than The Game.

If you’re looking for a project that sounds as good as it is funny, look no further—stream I’m Brain below now: