Game Talks R.E.D. Album, 50 & Jay-Z

 |  November 19, 2009


Game recently did an interview with Complex and talks about his new R.E.D. album and touched on his publicized beefs with 50 Cent and Jay-Z. He talks about collaborations for the album which include Beanie, Rick Ross, Jeezy and even production from RZA. He says:

I got Rick Ross. I got Beanie Sigel, I got Jeezy. I finally did a song with Jeezy that’s f**kin’ crazy too. For the most part it’s me, with a couple of features from people I haven’t worked with yet—I always try to work with new people every album. But it’s people that I respect and that are also poppin’ in the world and that other people want to hear.”

RZA gave me a beat, which I am so fuckin’ ecstatic about. I appreciate it because he doesn’t make beats anymore. RZA gets paid millions of dollars now to score movies, big fuckin’ movies. So, for him to come in my studio and for him to say “Yo Game, I brought this beat to you and just listen to it and just tell me if you like it…” So I listened to it and I was so crazy about it. I called him and he was like, “Yo, you could have that beat.” That’s all it was and I ain’t talk to RZA since, shit [Laughs].”

Game then goes into his beef with 50 explaining that he’s over it and how he wants to work with Eminem, saying:

50’s just bitter, man. For what reason? I don’t know. He doesn’t have to be. Me and his beef is old at this point. It’s pure comedy for me at this point. When he says something, I laugh. If I shoot a shot back it’s just a joke at this point. Nobody is going to kill each other. Nobody is gonna beat each other’s ass. I’m not gonna do none of that. So we might as well get along. We exist in hip-hop. You know with opening arms he can re-join my band of brothers. Just say sorry and you want to make music. He’ll never be as big as he was and he’ll never be able to put out an album that people will be waiting for and anticipate as much without me, period. And I ain’t saying that he needs me, but me and him made the best records together. I understand it, he needs to understand it, and maybe one day we’ll record. He said recently in an interview that he’ll never work with Game again but that’s all him talking and his ego. I can’t wait to mend the ties with Eminem. Me and Eminem had never been at odds but he had to take 50’s side. That’s his artist and his homie and what not, and I understood it but I’d love to get back with Eminem and work again and sort of restructure the Voltron if you will.”

Game also touches on his beef with Jay-Z and how 50 has recently been trying to get at him, saying:

“Oh yeah, I already did that Jay-Z thing. 50’s just doing what I’m doing. Nobody went at Jay, I went at Jay. Now everybody wants to get at Jay, not saying anything about Beanie Sigel, that’s personal and I stay out of that. He’s just a man and he’s got all the right in the world, but I feel like I did something that people have been wanting to do, but everybody is scared because Jay-Z is so lyrically inclined to cut your throat and your career in half that nobody wanted to do it. But me? I just don’t give a fuck sometimes.”