I can’t believe that I’m actually coming to the defense of Chris Brown.  RadarOnline just ran this story:

On June 29, the R&B singer turned up at a 24 Hour Fitness center in Los Angeles and joined a casual pickup game.

But things quickly turned ugly.

“He got really ticked off when things didn’t go his way during the game, saying, ‘That’s gay!’ and ‘You’re a f*gg*t a**!’ to the other players,” an eyewitness tells Star exclusively.
Chris even got in the face of one player, berating him for missing a shot.

When another player didn’t pass him the ball, the 22-year-old Forever singer, perhaps best known for beating up Rihanna, fired off more slurs, calling him a “f*gg*t” and saying  it was a “gay” move.

However, unlike that fateful night in 2009 when he assaulted his then girlfriend Rihanna, Chris managed to keep his fists to himself.

“There was no physical contact, but he was verbally aggressive,” notes the source. “His demeanor was over the top.”

Even his burly bodyguards got in on the intimidation at the basketball game, threatening to kick out anyone who tried to snap pictures – even though they were members of the gym!

Talk about sensationalizing a story!  Dude was playing some pick up basketball and talking some sh*t.  That’s what guys do when they hang out.  They sit around and think of new and creative ways to accuse one another of being gay.  Not saying it’s right.  Not saying it’s mature.  It’s just a reality of life and American culture..  Trust me, if anyone thinks Chris Brown is a f*ck boy who needs a proper male role model in his life it’s me.  That being said this is just him just being a dude.  Obviously his language is offensive, but let’s not pretend that he isn’t acting like the majority of twenty something guys.

  • tess

    yo breezy like me,  i start cussin mofuckers out on the court too when they dont pass they ball and they missin shots, nothin worse than losing to a less talented team cuz ur teamates wont pass the damn ball, i feel you chistopher brown

  • Lucas

    I can't believe you post this after the whole Minaj story was falseified. Your websites credibility is wack. You wanna talk shit on worldstar here, and I kinda feel you on the things you say about it, but your site looks like the fuckin TMZ of rap. You might as well be pamphlet at a gas station.

  • iHipHop Sam

    Nicki Minaj shit wasn't falsified.  She is saying it was.  The Dallas police have a police report on file however.  Thanks for calling us the TMZ of rap though.

  • Lucas

    have you seen the report? and i dont really clearly know what “she is saying it was” meant, im assuming you meant she did discredit it, but youre the one who made the headline read “Nicki Minaj Denies Assault Rumors…”. All youre doing is reproducing TMZ articles. all the time.

  • Lucas

    im sorry, i mean you said she didnt discredit it, which she clearly did. i think its your leg thats getting pissed on dude. i guess the standard of proof is just getting lower.

  • iHipHop Sam

    This isn't the New York Times bruh bruh.  I don't know what you want me to tell you.

  • Lucas

    pointless response from a pointless dude, fair enough