J. Cole’s Achilles Heel…

 |  September 20, 2011


So J. Cole’s debut album Cole World: The Sideline Story leaked, and I kind of came to the conclusion that Cole has a weakness as of right now.  The dude is boring.  I’m literally yawning while listening to the album.  Can he rap good?  Yes.  However that does not necessarily translate into Mr. Cole being an interesting artist.  When you watch a J. Cole video, do you say to yourself “that kid is a star“!  If you have any sense, the answer to that question would be no.  I’m not saying J. Cole can’t become a star.  He just isn’t one as of yet.

Plus there are two other problems I have with J. Cole.  Most importantly he does not seem to have really evolved that much as an artist from The Warm Up to Friday Night Lights to his debut commercial offering.  Same delivery and for the most part is has been the same type of lyrical content.  The counter point to this argument is that this album may be a lot of peoples first impression of J. Cole.  So if I liked J. Cole when he first hit the rap nerd scene, won’t the general public maybe like Cole after their first impression of him?  A point that could very well be a reality.  However the general public are not rap nerds. Plus I haven’t seen a lot of new age rappity rap on the Billboard charts as of late.  Which is exactly what J. Cole is doing…rapping.

The second problem is that J. Cole is a little bit of a creation of Jay-Z and his label Roc Nation.  Let’s be 100% real.  If some rapper drops a medicore project I ain’t blogging about.  The difference?  Jay-Z, the most relevant rapper in global pop culture, dapped this kid as next great rapper.  And guess what?  J. Cole did not deliver.  While it might have be impossible for J. Cole to accomplish that regardless, the point is he didn’t even come close.  I know there has been some talk about a star being born, but I am yet to be convinced of that.

  • Sassy-Quatch Sandwich witch!

    I agree fully

  • Ofoshoitsko

    you are officially a clown.. you should be glad that this dude is one of the few real hip-hop heads around.. you gave props to waynes cd and now are hating on this?? you are a joke for real and need to get with the program that it is not always about putting up the huge top hits and commercial bullshit that comes around.. like say tech nine whose dick you rode last month when he dropped his album… #smh #kanyeshurg on your lame ass

  • AlexCaba3

    So fucking true. How can you hate on Cole for not going total commercial like how Wiz Khalifa has ? Cole is still the realest rapper out and still can't catch a break. Ive been riding with Cole since 2008 and I say im one of his biggest fans proudly but ill admit the album wasn't what I expected although it was still a great album. Ive never commented on this site before although Ive been on it for years when it was only known as Crackspace but this is pitiful. You should be thankful Cole is on the map.

  • somethinspecial

    Eventhough u come of looking cynical, you've got a point! atleest to some degree. If jay wanted a superstar in the sense of selling the most, chart listings etc, he wouldn't choose cole. Being a superstar's pretty much being the coolest/most popular dude out there, not necessarily making the best music, or being the best rapper. Wayne sold the most because people love his somewhat distinguishing persona, but if his album was the best or not is up for debate. Too me it's funny how u can embrace this young boy swag wave, and at the same time yawn whiles listening to cole. that's just me tho.. but i personally think cole's mic skills far exceed those of most (newschool) rappers, which enables him to not only achieve momentarily star status, but potentially be one of the greats. But i agree in the matter that he comes off kinda boring, lol…

  • http://twitter.com/JessicaMore180 Jessica More

    I couldn't disagree more!! Its his some what goofy personality that makes him interesting because he's not “trying” to be like every other rapper out there. You don't have to be hard, angry & a complete mess to be a rapper. My goodness look at Drake, narrow-minded critics said the same thing about him…hmmmm?!!?

  • Cole World No Blanket

    Are you fuckin serious? The kid is amazing! You may be sayin he has an achilles heel in the rap game but im always on my heels when im listening to him tryin not to miss the next amazing punchline.  And how the hell do you evolve and become better from The Warm Up or Friday Night Lights? When you're at the top theres not much more to go.  I saw a big jump in production and thats about it from those two….he's still amazing on the mic.  Any true rap fan would think he's a star of the game already.  Im sorry if you're tryin to say hes not a star of some bullshit you listen to like pop or somethin but i dont wanna hear that bullshit.  He's at the top with the best of em right now and doin his thing stop hatin and posting bullshit on IHipHop if you dont know what good hip hop is

  • TyrekeE13

    Smh. If you were expecting him to greatly evolve from The Warm Up and Friday Night Lights then you were expecting too damn much. If you are generally a big hip-hop fan, then artist mixtapes are gonna appeal to you more then their garbage pop albums (Wiz khalifa, Big sean.. some examples). The fact that you “yawn” when listening to J.Cole just completely shocks me. Just move on man

  • CEO

    WTF SAM! WTF! I've read some bullshyt from you over the years or maybe months and this tops all the trash ass articles you've wrote! I KNOW you haven't listen to the Come-up, Warm-up, Friday night Lights, and the Anygiven Sunday leaks Cole dropped! He grows as a rapper in each! From Simba to Dead Pres II, to VILLEMATIC, to Return of Simba! In the words of Money Mayweather “YOU AINT SHIT!, YOU AINT SHIT!” I'm not going to talk about his new album cause it hasn't dropped yet, thats disrespectful not wait and buy it after all the FREE joints Cole gave us.

    Didn't you give Lil' B 4 mics?

  • http://twitter.com/SamPattillo iHipHop Sam

    Hahaha.  Rap nerds.  You guys are the best!

  • Antmatteo

    this must be the worst article i have ever read. need i say more?
    real hip-hop fans understand quality hip-hop and “sam” right here doesnt
    ihiphop fire dude quick !

  • Bavery12

    U call him boring but how big is ur attnetion span really because it seems like every week ur praisin some retarted ass rapper who just sits and smokes weed and raps about hoes.and why would he change his flow for his debut album when he just gettin on and it works because people are obviously listenin to him.doesn't make much sense to me and a bunch of other people who have commented.

  • kingQuiz

    nigga that wrote this article must be fuckin retarded yo.. get ya head checked cuz

  • Astevens82

    you have bumped your mother fucking head. THere is NOBODY in the industry right now that is on Cole's level. His lyrical talent is on another level. I would put any rapper against him and bet all my money on COle

  • The man

    Yo Sam you have no taste this is about rap and hes making it real if you want sing song listen to r&b boy!