Jay-Z Under Investigation By The NBA?

 |  March 30, 2011

What seemed to be nothing more than a genuine gesture from Jigga is now under investigation by the NBA. Hov was in the Kentucky Wildcats locker room congratulating players following their victory over the UNC Tar Heels on Sunday. As we all know, Jay-Z is a partial owner of the New Jersey Nets, and as any NCAA fan knows, college basketball is no stranger to recruitment controversies. Put the two together and yes, the NBA might have an issue on their hands. The Nets are wrapping up yet another disappointing season, which means they are likely to land a high pick in this years draft lottery and Kentucky has a few potential first round picks in Brandon Knight and Terrance Jones. If the NBA does conclude that Jay violated league rules than he could face fines up to five figures. However a fine of that stature is simply spare change in Hov’s wallet.

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