Update: Jay-Z just tweeted that Rocawear is partnering with the company not buying BBC which nullifies some of the stuff I said below.  So take that into consideration when you think that I’m an idiot.


To be honest this isn’t good news to me.  I actually f*ck with BBC and I already know what is going to happen.  Rocawear is going to widen the distribution of the product and cheapen the brand.  Both with it’s designs, price points, and materials used to make the clothing.  In this GQ article they claim this isn’t going to happen but I don’t believe them.  At the end of the day this is a move by the Iconix Brand Groups’s Illuminati which owns Rocawear.  This is a move to make that company more money, and not necessarily to make BBC cooler.  How is going under the same company that owns Joe Boxer the swag?  It’s not.  However this type of sh*t happens all the time in the fashion game.  You build a brand to inevitably sell it so I can’t be mad at Pharrell.  Get that money!  Plus everyone is running with this story like Jay-Z is going to be super hands on or something which I doubt.  Although he may finally have something he can tell people is a “great American brand” and I’ll maybe just maybe believe him.

GQ has learned that as of today, Jay-Z’s fashion house, Rocawear, owns the licensing to manufacture and distribute Billionaire Boys Club. Sources say that Jay-Z and Pharrell, the current face and force behind BBC, will work as a tandem-utilizing Jay-Z’s business prowess and Pharrell’s creativity. Hypebeast, fret not! BBC won’t be on the shelves of large department stores simply because it’s under the Roc umbrella. But this is the backing that most streetwear brands don’t have, which has lead to many shuttering their doors in recent years.