Kanye Speaks On The Media & Spits On A Delta Flight

Written by Sam

Monday, November 8th, 2010 at 5:34 pm
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This is long, but cool.  Yeezy breaks down his relationship with the media, and how he can’t be afraid anymore.  You can say what you want about this dude, but it is clear that anything except greatness is unacceptable for the dude.

Kanye Speaks On The Media


Yeezy also spit some bars on a plane from Minneapolis to NYC which I thought was pretty dope.  This dude just loves to rap, and I can’t be mad at that.



  • KanYe

    That got taken down sooo fast

  • Paris

    The Man is the best at what he does!! Nobody works harder!! I knew from college dropout he was a great1!!

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