So yesterday a screen shot leaked of what some people are claiming is the track listing to Kanye’s upcoming album which still doesn’t have a title.  Although it has been called Good A$$ Job in the past, but the label usually deads album titles with a curse word in it.  Some people are also specualting that the whole album got into the wrong hands after his email of the album to  video director Hype Williams was hacked.  That could be devistaing considering the album isn’t supposed to come out for an additional 2 months.  I guess we’ll just have to wait to see if there is any validity to the track listing or the possible album leak.  Info/Pics from NR.

1. Hell Of A Life
2. Dark Fantasy
3. Power
4. Chain Heavy
5. Ghetto University
6. That’s My Bitch
7. Runaway
8. Lost In The World
9. Gorgeous
10. Monster
11. Holding Me Back
12. Devil In A New Dress
13. The Joy
14. So Appalled
15. Blame Game
16. Sweat On My Face