Lil’ Jon: A Growing Mogul?

 |  May 17, 2010

So I’ve always been a huge fan of Lil’ Jon.  If you aren’t then stop reading, watch and listen to everything this guy has done, then come back and tell me he’s not amazing so I can show you what the five fingers say to the face.  In this hilarious and interesting video he is interviewed by AOL’s Daily Finance  to talk about how he is continuing to make money off himself and his brand, even while the music industry continues to go through a massive recession and transition.

Lil’ Jon will be dropping his first solo effort Crunk Rock on June 8th, but he knows that album sales fell 12.7% across the music industry and 20.9% in the rap category, according to in Nielsen SoundScan and he has to find other enterprises.  Constantly on his grustle he has his own brand of Oakley sunglasses.  He has the always delicious and refreshing “Crunk Juice” energy drink(pay me for that endorsement ?).  And if you’ve been sleeping he even has a wine label called Little Jonathan Winery.  Yea, you read that right, a f*cking wine label.  The wine is apparently pretty good as it’s garnered some awards. He also has an iPhone application that has all his signature catchphrases in case the Chappelle Show episodes didn’t ruin them for you.

Even as the music industry continues to go through a scary transition, people like Lil’ Jon are making money.  So much money that as of Forbes magazines last count he makes almost $11 million annually.  Not bad for a guy who most people think can only say “YYYEAAA” and “OOOAAAAKKKKYYY.”  So check this interview.