• Guest

    what a homo.. weezy fucking baby. get it? weezy is fucking baby

  • SMHsam

    since when did leggings have belt loops…. at least have the same image before you talk shit sam.

  • Kareem Wynter

    those obviously have belt loops, those r skinny jeans, not leggins both pics

  • Mpc4000

    These are the great hip stories I wanna hear about Sam keep it up homey. Youre back!!!

  • Jaileen757

    I work at a clothing store… there is a jean called JEGGINGS they are jean leggings. Fell like and look like jeans. But are stretch and fit like leggings!!

  • ColeSeason15

    Wow this Sam guy is a loser lmfao

  • tmef5

    Bottom line is dude had some female shit on but yall dont care about dat dudes wanna get on the Sam  so guess yall condoning this shit.

  • mrtsb

    yeah seriously…same image or not r u really gona try to say he DOESNT look like a fudge packer? and that he doesnt constantly? i dont understand how people r still on waynes dick….and this DOES have to do with hip hop sayin as how its about a dude considered to be one of the 'best' in hip hop, dressing in girls clothing.  stop it.

  • Mdk202mdk

    Ok Yall Well If U Dnt Think Thats Weird Check This Out!!! http://www.sourpussclothing.co… and This 1 http://wordplay.blogs.nytimes….

  • Mpc4000

    hey asswipe its not that anybody is condoning this shit its more like I really dont give a fuck what a nigga wears.