Lil Wayne Was Definitely Rocking Women’s Jeggings At The VMA’s…Soo Woo!

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Wow.  Complex has confirmed that Lil Wayne was rocking womens jeggings made by Tripp NYC (on sale for $44!) at this years VMA’s.  Nothing screams I’m a blood like cheetah jeggings.



  1. I work at a clothing store… there is a jean called JEGGINGS they are jean leggings. Fell like and look like jeans. But are stretch and fit like leggings!!

  2. Bottom line is dude had some female shit on but yall dont care about dat dudes wanna get on the Sam  so guess yall condoning this shit.

  3. yeah seriously…same image or not r u really gona try to say he DOESNT look like a fudge packer? and that he doesnt constantly? i dont understand how people r still on waynes dick….and this DOES have to do with hip hop sayin as how its about a dude considered to be one of the 'best' in hip hop, dressing in girls clothing.  stop it.

  4. hey asswipe its not that anybody is condoning this shit its more like I really dont give a fuck what a nigga wears.

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