Lil Boat continues to make big waves.

Whether or not you like his music, it’s difficult to deny Lil Yachty’s cultural impact. The self-proclaimed “King of The Youth,” Lil Yachty has earned cult loyalty of mainstream size thanks to his unapologetic, true-to-self perspective. Aside from his music, most of this influence materializes in the fashion world, as Yachty is no stranger to endorsing clothing brands. From Nautica to Adidas, Lil Boat has made big waves, and it looks like his riptide is only strengthening: recently, he starred in the Fall/Winter Reebok clothing lines.

Dubbed the “Always Classic” campaign, this partnership intersects Reebok’s iconic presence as a timeless brand with Yachty’s unique fashion flair that reinforces the notion of staying true to one’s identity.

Check out pictures of the campaign here.