Lloyd Banks All About That Indie Money

 |  October 27, 2010

Yesterday, Lloyd Banks stopped by Charlotte, North Carolina’s Power98 to promote his third studio album, The Hunger For More 2Banks clowned quite a bit, but also dropped a lot of knowledge on the listeners out there.  He talked about how he managed to remain relevant despite the shift of mainstream focus to the South.   The G-Unit emcee stated, “music doesn’t stay…in any particular pocket for too much time.”  Banks said he was ready for listeners to focus on him again and took advantage of the situation by utilizing to the Internet.  He actually commended the web for making it “harder to differentiate between who is hot and who’s not.”  Lloyd referred to this as the reason that some people can pop based off blog love, while some artists that are pushed by labels through other outlets might go nowhere.  He cited Waka Flocka Flame as someone who did this successfully, and spoke highly of him, saying that Waka can actually track and mix his own recordings as well as make beats.   In the word of the show’s co-host, “he’s a lot smarter than we think.”  Lloyd said that he isn’t mad that Waka made MTV’s Hottest MCs list and he didn’t.  “Just put me at 10 and a half,” joked Banks.


When Lloyd Banks left Interscope in 2008, a lot of people thought he was washed up, but Lloyd saw this as an opportunity, not a disadvantage, elaborating that on a major label “it’s easy to go from a priority to a minority…I was the first one to realize it.”  Cleverly, Lloyd took his final check and built and in-house studio, where he recorded his entire latest album, including “Beamer, Benz or Bentley.”  Banks cited iTunes as a refuge for indie artists because they placed “Beamer, Benz or Bentley” in their online store the night it debuted on the radio, with all of the profit (post Steve Jobs filling his pockets) going straight to Banks, “not the wrinkled man behind the desk.” He went on describe the typical label f*ckery such as telling an artist that they went over budget when in actuality they didn’t.  Good to hear Banks is on his grizzy…The Hunger For More 2 drops November 22nd…you can pep the track list here.