Lyfe Jennings Gets Emotional In Court

 |  September 24, 2010

R&B singer, Lyfe Jennings, was sentenced to three years yesterday after a domestic dispute led to a drunken car chase.    The Atlanta media sort of sensationalized the story, emphasizing how his “recent music talked about making good choices” but unloading firearm multiple times at his girlfriends house while drunk, was not one of those good choices. 

Sounding real choked-up, Lyfe issued a statement in court, saying, “I did it, you know I’ve got to be punished for it and I just wanted the opportunity to apologize for it.”  It’s not surprising that the District Attorney was a huge prick regarding the whole apology.  Did he really have to say, “his story is NOT great anymore…he’s dangerous to society“?  Unfortunately a judge did not grant Lyfe any time with his children and shipped him off to some corporate-owned prison industrial complex.

  • J1_one1

    thats f up like i said before the legal system doesn't care for anyone good or bad it to swallow you and chew you up and spit you out even if your innocent. they should have granted him time with his kids they're heartless trash!!.