Mondre Man and Squadda B continue to f*cking kill it.  Got Danny Brown on the tape who actually put me onto these dudes in the first place.  Be sure to cop N*ggaz On The Run Eatin which dropped less than a month ago.

Main Attrakionz Blackberry Ku$h

1. Zoned Out Mackin (Prod. By Nem270) – Stream
2. Blackberry Ku$h (Prod. by Julian Wass)
3. Young As F*ck Pt. II (Prod. by Squadda B)
4. Im Back (Prod. by Julian Wass)
5. F*ck The World (Prod. By Squadda B) – Stream
6. On Deck Remix (Prod. By Squadda B + Sea Things)
7. Cloud Skatin ft Danny Brown (Prod. By Julian Wass) – Stream
8. Stoner Gang (snippet) feat Sortahuman (Prod. By Space Ghost Purp)