I am definitely looking forward to this. It should be interesting to see Murs team up with someone other than 9th Wonder for a full length album, and I am eager to see what Ski brings to the table, considering he had NEVER heard of Murs before they were recently introduced by Tabi Bonney. That sh*t is kinda crazy to me. Ski sat down with HHDX and discussed how the project first originated…

I met Murs through tabi Bonney,” he said. “He brought him to the studio. I had never heard of him before—I’m out the loop when it comes to anything. So I met him and he was cool, we kicked it for a second and recorded a song with him and tabi.”

A few months later, Murs returned to the Big Apple and visited the Dojo, only to have Dash encourage the two to record a full-length LP and tour the album.

Me and him locked in—he stayed a couple weeks—and we made a bunch of songs,” he continued. “It was different, because I’m not familiar with his music, so I wasn’t exactly sure what type of music he likes. So we just came up with some totally different stuff that was different for both of us, and it sounds good.