Nas On Espn E:60

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Saturday, May 1st, 2010 at 1:02 pm
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Here’s a teaser of ESPN’S E:60, where Nas narrates the story of a Liberian Amputee Soccer Team came to be. Documentaries like this and the one Sam posted on VBS(Civil + Poverty+Drugs+Cannibalism), reaches me in a serious way, because I am Liberian. Growing up, my parents would always tell me there were two different Liberia’s, before the war and during the war. Well It’s finally great to see life after the war. The full episode airs on May 4th.  Also checkout Nas and Damian MarleyAfrica Must Wake Up from their Distant Relatives Album.

E:60 Liberian Amputee Soccer Tease feat. Nas from E60 on Vimeo.

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