Last night, Nick Minaj stopped by MTV’s RapFix Live hosted by Sway to promote her debut album, Pink Friday. The Young Money diva shared a lot about her personal life and her upbringing before revealing details about Pink Friday. Nicki informed Sway, “my mother is like my best, best friend…I go to my mother for all advice and it’s still like that.”  She mentioned that she has a brother that’s not as outgoing as her, but explained “it’s all love.”  She said that her mom misses a lot of her performances, but she doesn’t mind because she prefers to keep her rap life separate from her home life. Ms. Minaj elaborated, “my mother never looks at anything like ‘no.’ I think she watched the last awards show I did, and she was like ‘Wow, so you beat out Eminem and Drake?’ and it was like the People’s Champ award [at the B.E.T. Hip-Hop Awards] so she’s kinda in the groove of what’s going on but she’s not. I actually ask her not to buy the magazines, not to go on the Internet because I just want her to be mommy. I don’t want to explain Nicki Minaj to her. She doesn’t have to know who Nicki Minaj is.”  However, Nicki did confirm that her mother will make a brief cameo in some capacity on Pink Friday.


Nicki then cleared the air on the origin of the term “Barbie” which she uses to describe her female fan base.  The only woman on the MTV’s Hottest MCs list said, “it was just one of those things that … I think all girls say it…they call themselves a particular Barbie, like black Barbie or Korean Barbie. I don’t know….I just said one day, you know I have a Nicktionary, it’s my own little terms and phrases, and one day I said, instead of saying ‘bye’ I said ‘It’s Barbie b*tch.‘  So what exactly else, is in the Nicktionary?


Finally, the moment everyone was waiting for happened.  An audience member asked which song Nicki had the most fun recording, to which she replied “I had the most fun recording ‘Roman’s Revenge.‘”  In a British accent, Nicki then confirmed that Slim Shady (*cough cough* not Eminem) will indeed appear on the track.  She said that Eminem’s verse is crazy.  Hopefully he can manage to channel the mind frame he was in when he recorded The Marshall Mathers LP.

Pink Firday hits stores November 22nd, and as I promised yesterday, here’s the official updated track list:

01.  I’m The Best
02.  Roman’s Revenge ft. Eminem
03.  Did It On ‘Em
04.  Right Thru Me
05.  Fly ft Rihanna
06.  Save Me
07.  Moment 4 Life ft Drake

08. Check It Out ft

09. Blazin ft Kanye West

10.  Here I Am
11.  Dear Old Nicki
12.  Your Love

13. Last Chance

14. Super Bass (Deluxe Bonus Track)
15. Blow Ya Mind (Deluxe Bonus Track)
16. Muny (Deluxe Bonus Track)

17. Girls Fall Like Dominoes (iTunes Bonus Track)


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