Nicki Minaj [ ]’s George Lopez

 |  December 7, 2010

Nicki went a little overboard with the whole *pause* thing on George Lopez last night.  She went into her alter egos and even invented a persona, “Rosa” for the show.  I know everyone eats this sh*t up, but I just don’t get it.



  • Wtf

    You dont need to get it me personally I dont give a shit about Nicki I think shes got talent and she'll be succesfull for a minute and she'll slowly begin to dissapear like every other female mc, but thats besides the point she's geared more for teenage girls and men who like to look at her fat ass. Somepeople like her little characters and her stupid voices and thats fine whats so hard to get about that. Let her and her fans live. Sam seriously you are the worst blogger or whatever the fuck you call yourself. Wtf is wrong with you.