Nicki Minaj Who?

 |  September 30, 2010

Remember how I said the LA scene is killing it?  Here is another perfect example.  19 year old Marz Lovejoy.  This girl is stunningly beautiful and she can rap.  I like how organic she looks.  There is nothing fake about her, in both her look and her music.  This is the type of female MC we really need.  Check out the first leak off her project This Little Light Of Mine which drops November 23rd on iHipHop Distro.

Marz Lovejoy “Sticky”



  • Urboyo

    Real talk I applaud this girl for representin for female mc's lord knows we need them, but this shit aint all that. She spits better than Nicky but sounds exactly like her. If this is part of your so called LA Scene explosion than the west in trouble. I'm all for the west being relevant and I'm from Ny saying that and you know we have our problems right now, but this shit aint hot I'm sorry.

  • Prhova05

    Sounds like a more lyrical Nicky minaj.

  • CEO

    She alight not sure if she nice enough for a post… bet yall hate but Patwa is the next female MC to watch for. Nicky is the new Lil kim and Patwa is the new Foxy. History repeats its self.

  • Cool

    PATWA is the one

  • Walkoffking913

    I understand the excitement to try to promote a new artist I aint saying she wack but real talk she kinda does sound like nicky with lyrics.