These Odd Future kids wanna rage and then complain when some glass bottles get thrown huh?  Tyler should have cut himself with some broken glass and drank his blood if he is really about that lifestyle.

But ya kids were throwing bottles and Odd Future got pissed  Syd gave an update via twitter.  Spotted at RR:

Thanks everyone. im not hurt. and we dont hate Detroit. Just the bitch-made niggas who wanted our attention last night. niggas got vaginas out here man…

1. we never called ourselves “punk”, so throwing glass bottles at us during our show? nah ah. no excuse. 2. niggas spit violent lyrics so they dont have to act them out. we only fuck with mosh pits. 3. if the nigga was throwing aluminum cans or plastic bottles, this would not be an issue.

I’m not risking my face for no concert. when hard objects start flying at my face, thats my cue to leave. its not a fear/anger thing. we dont blame detroit. i had fun otherwise.

*2. mosh pits are started by choice IN THE AUDIENCE. not on stage. niggas know to expect those already. Plus, we warned that nigga after the 1st bottle hit my table. no excuses. idgaf. he’s lame. Thanks to those Detroit niggas who still fuck with us and understand why we had to cut the show short.

  • man

    Tyler gonna keep getting shit thrown at his ass as long as he keeps reppin beelzebub!

  • Human CENTiPAD

    FUCK DETROIT!  Fuck Niggas who don't wanna have a good time