Tee Grizzley & Lil Yachty Unite on “2 Vaults”

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The Detroit x Atlanta connection is back.

An adage as old as time, it’s common knowledge that opposites ironically attract. Whether it’s sweet and sour sauce on a beloved Chinese dish, or two people with seemingly different personalities, these opposing forcing typically absorb into one another rather than clashing. So is true for music, namely for Detroit’s Tee Grizzley and Atlanta’s Lil Yachty, who just linked for the former’s “2 Vaults”.

Following their wildly successful first collaboration, “From The D To The A”, “2 Vaults” hinges upon Tee and Yachty’s radically different styles and approaches, yet somehow, like most opposites, this textural difference doesn’t resist one another–it embraces. Spitting over an ominous trap beat, “2 Vaults” is classic swag rapping discussing how they’re bottom line is so engorged that they need two vaults to contain these earnings. A single from his anticipated sophomore album, Activated, “2 Vaults” is a promising cut that foreshadows another banger for the “First Day Out” rapper, Tee Grizzley.

Listen to these two body “2 Vaults” below: