As he is trying to get as much promo in for his New Jack City II project as possible, looks like Bow Wow might have just made an enemy he doesn’t want. Having stripped off to reveal his chest to the 200 industry people and journalists as he performed on Tuesday night in the city, Bow Wow then bailed out on a Wendy Williams interview to join Angie Martinez on Hot 97. Now you can in a sense understand why he did that BUT still you only have to speak with Usher to know just how miserable Wendy Williams will make your life for wronging her like that. Forget all the drama with Game over video games, WW will be out for the kill now and all this just as her show is about to come back on TV. Bow Wow you really didn’t want to do that.

  • R Cob

    MAAANNNNNN FUCK BOW WOW! I don’t mean to hate, but fuck it, I’M HATING. I ain’t neva like that nigga and I don’t even know him. He got rich off singing some shit somebody else wrote, and lil bitches loved it, cause he was a lil nigga… He make some solid loveydovey joints, but i sure as hell don’t be riding to work listenin to his bullshit…. He think he a big man in the game, and if he is, he not as big as he thinks. BOTTOM LINE… HE CAN’T FUCK WIT ME… But I can’t even beef wit him cause he a lil nigga… What kinda recognition you get for demolishing a lil nigga? Fuck it… R. Cobia of B.B.T

  • steel1234

    who cares bout that ugly ass wendy, fuck that broke ass whitney look a like……

  • ROC-1

    bow wow should’ve learned his lesson after Romeo taxed his ass for talking shit,”you a mama’s boy / i’m the son of a hustler,”lol. That was a classic line. Wendy (is it a man or woman) Williams I really don’t like either but I do hope she/he fuck dat niggaz dick riding career up. Then maybe he can start over and be himself instead of trying to copy every hot nigga in the game.

  • lilfed


  • 00OOOOoooshit

    bow wow always has been weak as fuck and always will be, dat midget ass nigga just cant rap, it aint hatin, its just beein real