Kodak Black Walks Out of Hot 97 Interview

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Yet again, Ebro forces an awkward series of events.

As Jay Z once so profoundly declared, numbers don’t lie. Being the biggest motivator for most–rather, all–media outlets, the notion of racking up views and clicks often comes at the expense of journalistic integrity, eclipsing an interview’s quality in exchange for clickbait headlines.

Yesterday, one headline dominated news feeds and blogs: “Things Get Awkward & Kodak Black Walks Out Of The Interview”, courtesy of Hot 97.

During a roughly 17-minute interview, Ebro made frequent attempts to bring up Kodak’s pending sexual assault court case, knowing that they couldn’t divulge details for legal purposes. Still, Ebro decided that it was more important to get a rise out of Kodak by starting and ending the interview on this subject, conceivably for the sake of creating a “viral-worthy” moment to generate maximum views for Hot 97.

Attempting to stay on-topic–or just not on the topic of his pending case–Rosenberg and Laura Stylez continuously tried steering the conversation back to Kodak’s music, upbringing, and perspective on various issues, only to be hijacked by Ebro’s egotistical agenda of getting his viral clip and ensuing headline. Well, Ebro got the headline, as Kodak walked-out due to frustration, but at what cost?

Time and time again, it seems like Ebro is doing his best Charlamagne impression by condescending to his guests, eroding any semblance of integrity. Charla is an authentic figure who might come off as callous at times, but he’s being the unadulterated version of himself.

In an arms race between Hot 97 and Power 105 for who is the premier New York hip-hop radio station, Ebro’s antics seem to make the conversation that much simpler.
Watch the Kodak x Hot 97 interview below: