Prodigy Reflects On His Time In Prison

 |  April 20, 2011

Check out this interesting video of Prodigy discussing everything from his time locked up to the future of Mobb Deep. He also explains how he reached out to cats like Wacka Flocka and Jim Jones and reconnected with Nas and 50 Cent following his release from prison. The HNIC also has an autobiography coming out soon where he reveals some crazy stories. Complex released a story that contains some excerpts from the book including a part where Prodigy talks about an encounter with Jay-Z at Diddy‘s restaurant in NYC that P says “Could have changed J’s future”. He also tells tales of how Havoc mistakenly shot a Def Jam A&R, and how he almost got intimate with Mary J Blige. I guess Prodigy just can’t seal the deal with these rap women as he almost smashed Lil Kim as well.

  • BIG LU